17 Nov 2010

The Return of the Ring - Celebrating Tolkien in 2012

The Tolkien Society is pleased to announce The Return of the Ring, Celebrating Tolkien in 2012, a combination of academic, fan, art, music and creative streams inspired by Professor Tolkien's work. This fantastic event will take place at Loughborough University, Leicestershire , U.K. just after the 2012 London Olympics to renew the fellowship bonds , make new friends, and celebrate the legacy of The Professor. There will be presentations on all aspects of Tolkien’s creation, a dealer’s room and an art exhibit. There will be special events planned for young Hobbits, and the ever-popular tours of Oxford and Birmingham, inspiration for Middle-earth, places dear to Tolkien's heart. The evenings will feature a variety of entertainments, including an Opening Ceremony, a Costume Masquerade, and a Ceilidh. Of course no meeting of Tolkien fans is complete without a banquet, and this one will be no exception.

Hope to see you there ! :)

Tolkien Society

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