16 Nov 2010

UPDATED - So, you want to be a hobbit...- Casting Calls : hobbits wanted in New Zealand

UPDATE #1 (18 November) : The links that theonering.net is giving for The Hobbit casting calls appeared to have been taken down from the original source, therefore I am assuming all 3 calls were probably not genuine. My advice to Would-be-Hobbits in New Zealand would be to keep your eyes open for your local press, I am quite sure you will be the first to know when real Casting Calls are made :)

UPDATE #2 (19 November) : theonering.net has posted a scanned image of The Hobbit extras casting call ad as it appeared in the Bay of Plenty Times (Tauranga) .

So you always wanted to be a hobbit . You dreamed about hairy feet , mushrooms and round doors all you life, here is your chance if you live in New Zealand , your dream might just be about to come true. The One Ring.net is reporting that 3 Casting Calls for The Hobbit movie have been issued . Filming of the movie will begin early in 2011 and here are the essential requirement for all of you would-be-hobbit hopefuls

Do not shave your feet and remember to smile. Good Luck ! :)

(source : theonering.net)