18 Nov 2010

When The Hobbit meets Howard Shore

Howard Shore is composing The Hobbit score ( theprovince.com) .That is great but not a surprise to me. It was April 2009 when I first met Mr Howard Shore in London at the Royal Albert Hall on the night of the performance of The Lord of the Rings Symphony - The Fellowship of the Ring . Before the concert Mr. Howard Shore gave a very interesting speech about how he composed the score for The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and announced to the audience he was going to compose the score for

The Hobbit, if the movie was ever to be made, and yes, this was April 2009. After the performance I was lucky enough to meet Mr. Shore for a few minutes . In 2010 I went back to the royal Albert Hall for The Lord of the Rings Symphony - The Tow Towers, to make it a great night out I even dressed up as Frodo. After an incredible performance I was able to meet Mr Shore again ,at the time (it was April 2010), The Hobbit movie was still in 'limbo', however when asked , Howard Shore confirmed he would work on The Lord of the Rings's prequel. Howard Shore won three Academy Awards for the scores of The Lord of the Rings's Trilogy , I can't predict the future but I have a 'hobbitishly' feeling we may see him winning a few more for The Hobbit , you read it on Once upon A Hobbit first :)