6 Dec 2010

The History of The Hobbit (in simple words) - (Part 4)

- Gollum....the 'real' once-upon-a-hobbit

Deep down here by the dark waters lived old Gollum, a small slimy creature...he was Gollum - as dark as darkness, except for two big round pale eyes...he had a little boat, and he rowed about quite quietly on the lake  (The Hobbit -J.R.R.Tolkien)

But before we get to the riddles game, lets find out a bit more about the creature called Gollum. Originally named Smeagol, he is of the Stoor hobbit kind. His family migrated from Eriador and settled in the Vales of the Anduin near the Gladden Fields. Although this branch of hobbits shares many of the traits and costumes with the Shire folks, they remain nevertheless more primitive and less evolved. On March 25, 2463 , Smeagol is out fishing in Gladden Fields with Deagol ( a relation of some kind...probably a cousin) .

While trying to retrieve a fish , Deagol ends up in the water , and after few minutes he re-emerge holding a gold ring in his hand. Smeagol demands the ring for himself as it is his birthday, but Deagol refuse to hand it over. A fight between the two hobbits ends with Smeagol killing Deagol. Smeagol returns home and soon he discovers the ring makes the wearer invisible and starts using it for malicious purposes and stealing until his family have enough of his behaviour , they rename him Gollum and ban him from the village .
The One Ring is already consuming his mind as he follows a stream to the Misty Mountains , here Gollum finds a cave which becomes his new home, and from now on he will live in darkness. For many years Gollum lives in dark and loneliness developing a strange relationship with the One Ring which he calls Precious. No longer he resembles a hobbit, his hair falls out and so most of his teeth. The ring is prolonging his life but also consuming him slowly, although a small part of his former-self still remains inside his heart. The One Ring has a will of its own, and as the Lord Sauron regains strength, it decided to abandon Gollum , but then something unexpected happens. Lost in Gollum cave the hobbit Bilbo Baggins finds the gold ring.

- Trolls...dim, dull, and dumb

Trolls is something Tolkien borrowed from Norse and Germanic myths and fairy tales. Never the brightest of creatures, Tolkien's Trolls are black blooded humanoids of monstrous appearance that were created by Melkor in the First Age. Incredibly stupid, Trolls were often unable to learn speech, although few of them were able to grasp some rudiments of Black and Common speech. Trolls live in caverns and dark woods, kill for pleasure and eat raw meat, they are incredibly strong but fear the light of the sun which means death for them, as the sun turns them into stone.

On his adventure in The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins met three Trolls called Tom, Bert, and William Huggins . Big but with brains the size of a small pebble, Tom, Bert and Will are at least able to speak a little Common Speech. The Trolls have a cave were they keep all the treasures and weapons they have stolen - they capture Bilbo and the Dwarves but are tricked by Gandalf into arguing between themselves until sunrise when they turn into stone, and there they remained as statues.

- Goblins, dwellers of darkness

We call them Goblins but they were once known as Orcs , and were created as 'foot soldiers' of the enemies of Middle-earth. Melkor creates these creatures using Elves he captured, Goblins/Orcs are a corrupted version of one of Middle-earth noblest races. Sun light is the thing they fear the most as it cause them great pain , for this reason they live underground and they tend to move under the cover of darkness.

In The Hobbit the Dwarves and Bilbo are captured by the Goblins on the High Pass, and taken before the Great Goblin, chief of Goblin-town. The Dwarves are carrying Elven swords greatly feared by the Goblins ; soon a fight breaks and the Great Goblin is killed by Gandalf. His death angers the Goblins/Orcs of the Misty Mountains, an army is gathered and the Dwarves are tracked down at the Lonely Mountain where a great battle takes place against Wood-Elves, Lake-Men, and Dwarves.

To Be Continued....