9 Dec 2010

Tinkering Tolkien ? Orlando Bloom in talks to join The Hobbit

Tinker, Tinker little Peter...what is going on ? Have I miss the part of The Hobbit book where Legolas appears or something ? So why is Orlando Bloom (apparently) close to sign up to go back to Middle-earth ? Here we go again....first we had sexy Dwarves, then we bring back Galadriel (because there are no female roles in The Hobbit ) , now it's the turn or the most famous surfing elf in Middle-earth. In The Hobbit Legolas's father Thranduil is an important character...but (according to Professor Tolkien ) we do not meet Legolas until the Council of Elrond in The Fellowship of the Ring...he is simply not there because Tolkien did not write him in. Tinkering with the 'original' work on which the movie should be based in never a good idea, why would we need Legolas ? If we consider Elves are immortal , then the argument from The Hobbit movie's writers is probably that he could be there and look handsome ( so million of girls around the world can go 'awwww...' again ). Sorry, I am really torn on hearing this news. Here is an attempt to 'transform' a beautiful Tolkien's story into an other...The Hobbit is not The Lord of the Rings...although The Hobbit movie is starting to look like it more and more. With only few weeks to go before filming begins, still no Gandalf, Gollum , or Elrond. Sir Ian McKellen, Andy Serkis, and Hugo Weaving are still in negotiation, kind of strange if you consider all three actors did express their willingness to return in the past year.