7 Jan 2011

If The Hobbit was a painting...- Elijah Wood as Frodo in The Hobbit movie

Let me start this by saying I absolutely and utterly adore Elijah Wood . He was the 'perfect Frodo' in The Lord of the Rings movie Trilogy. According to TheOneRing.net Elijah Wood will be cast to appear in The Hobbit as Frodo. This is not an official casting announcement by The Hobbit production or the Studios so lets remember to take this news with a pinch of salt, nevertheless, if true, it would send shock waves among most Tolkin's fans.

The Hobbit is Bilbo's adventure, Frodo is not even born but apparently Peter Jackson feels necessary to bring into the movie adaptation of one of Professor Tolkien's greatest novels a other character (the other is apparently Legolas) that were not written in by the author. Although The Hobbit is the 'prequel' of The Lord of the Rings ( in book as in movie), it is a story in its own right, was written years before The Lord of the Rings and deserves to be adapted in a true-to-written word fashion. Tolkien has filled the book with wonderful material, places, action, songs, and many characters that deserve to be developed and seen, yet here we are talking again of the need to bring back the original cast of The Lord of the Rings Trilogy , like if the cast of The Hobbit was almost 'not good enough' to bring in the dollar.

Confusing as it is the way Frodo ( Elijah Wood) is allegedly going to be used in The Hobbit movie can be read on TheOneRing.net but be warned, it is a MAJOR THE HOBBIT MOVIE SPOILER so I will not re-post on Once Upon A Hobbit. Only a few weeks away from filming and still no official announcement of Sir Ian McKellen , Andy Serkis, and Hugo Weaving for the roles of Gandalf, Gollum and Elrond...wich is rather strange considering all these rumours about the original cast of The Lord of the Rings appearing in The Hobbit even though the characters (Frodo and Legolas) were not written in by Tolkien.

The Hobbit has so many interesting characters , it is a rich novel in that sense, there is so much to do , for me making this movie should be a tribute to Professor Tolkien's work and imagination, a respectful adaptation with a modern twist. I keep asking myself :" If Tolkien was still alive, how would he feel about his work been changed and modified so suit modern movie audiences? . As a comparison, I really like that painting by that famous artist on the wall...but you know what I think it could be better , so here is my paintbrush and new colours...a bit here...a bit there....oops, the new paint is dripping and look a bit odd, it is no more as beautiful as it was....mmmh, maybe it was not a good idea to change the original work of art after all....but maybe is just me :)