27 Jan 2011

Peter Jackson in hospital - filming of The Hobbit delayed again

Filming on The Hobbit will be delayed again after Peter Jackson was admitted to Wellington Hospital yesterday with a perforated ulcer. He had surgery and is now resting comfortably but a spokesman has confirmed that filming will be delayed. The Hobbit movie has survived legal battles, bankruptcy fears,original director leaving, accusations racism, labour disputes, and now Peter Jackson is in hospital recovering from surgery. Although I tend not to believe in such things, to many it does look like The Hobbit is suffering from a strange case of ' incredible bad luck '. Peter Jackson has been looking stressed and tired for a long time, and The Hobbit saga and all its problems have not helped. After been almost forced to take charge last year, the production has encountered one issue after an other and this is now affecting Peter Jackson's health as stress is the major cause of perforated ulcers.

Do you remember Hobbit Peter ? Do you remember the happy, slightly round, pipe-smoking, huge glasses, curly hair hobbit that transformed Professor Tolkien's words into the most amazing vision of Middle-earth ? Dear Peter, please get well soon and take care of yourself, and I know it must be hard to sleep or eat, and even think at times, after all The Hobbit is only one of the most awaited movie of the century , but is it worth loosing your health over it ? Don't let your passion and love for Middle-earth consume you , remember to be a 'hobbit' more often, take your shoes off and go and sit in front of Bag End and watch the sunset, eat like a hobbit, sing and dance like a hobbit and let your worries behind for a while.

 Get well soon Hobbit Peter!