7 Feb 2011

Lights...Camera...Action ! The date is set for filming !

After all these years and countless problems, The Hobbit movie will begin filming in New Zealand in a few weeks time, hopefully ending a series of delays and complications including legal issues, the MGM's saga, a director leaving, a fire at a production facility, the new director’s hospitalization and a labour dispute that threatened the project.

The first day of photography for The Hobbit will be March 21, according to Wellington-based production company 3Foot7 Ltd. Filming will take place in Wellington. "Despite some delays we are fully back on track and very excited to get started" Jackson said in a statement. Ans so it is all about to begin , fingers and hairy toes crossed, all is well in Hobbit Land and filming will now start next month. We have been waiting many years for this moment, wishing Peter Jackson and the whole production the best of luck, it is time to go back to Middle-earth.